About us

About us

We are a small family owned investment company founded in North Jutland in 2019. We seek to invest smart through our own investment strategy created by our CEO Jacob Krogh Jensen.

We are based in beautiful Lønstrup on the west coast of Denmark, 81 Investments is an investment company with big dreams.

Our main focus is finding danish and american stock with big growth potential to invest in.

We also invest in established companies on both markets for the most diversified portfolio.

81 Investments strategy for picking stocks to invest in, is simple, find the companies that will make the highest possible return, so we beat our benchmark, C25, for the year.

81 Investments also feature a new Venture Capital department with focus on early stage green energy, tech and Fintech companies in Denmark.

Our Venture Capital departments object is to help the companies grow and become successful with in their field.

81 Investments strive to be carbon neutral and as green as possible. We feel here at 81 Investment that taking care of the environment is important, so that our kids and grandchildren have a green planet to grow up in.
Therefor we plant a tree for every 1 kg of CO2 that we are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere. 


81 Investments have three big dreams for the future.

  1. We want to be listed on the danish stock exchange within 3-5 years.
  2. We want to break into the american market for Venture capital with in 6 years of 2019.
  3. To be among Denmark’s top ten leading investment companies with in 5 years.